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'Military Map' – What is it?

'Military Map' is a web application to visualize and plan military exercises and missions. It provides functions to draw, save, export and exchange Military Map Overlays. Test the latest version of the App now on www.map.army.

Visualize your Mission

The Web Application provides the required functionalities to plan and visualize a military or stability operation mission and exercise.
The App is designed to be used on a Desktop, Notebook, Tablet or even a Touchscreen Mobile Phone - you decide on which device you plan the mission.

Visualize your military mission

Military Map Overlay

One or more Military Map Overlays can be added in the App. All layers are visible and one of the layers is in edit mode (active). You can draw on the active layer using the Symbol Edit functions on the right side of the window.
The Military Map Overlays is saved in the MilX format. This format can be used to exchange Military Map Overlays with other systems. It is also possible to store the Layer locally or to share it via Email.

Search Military Symbol

Open the Military Symbol Search with a click on the Search-Icon on the right side of the window. The "Search for MSS Symbols" sub window opens. It provides all the functions to find the desired tactical graphic, unit, equipment, installation ...
A search can be done using the MIL-STD-2525 name of a symbol or by using the equipment name (for example, "F/A 18").
The search results are displayed in the right section of the window. For easier navigation the results can be filtered.

Search Military Symbology in MilitaryMap

Military Symbol Editor in www.map.army

Edit Military Symbol

The Symbol Editor is opened with a click on the Edit button in the top right corner. MSS Symbol Editor provides access to the Modifiers and Attributes of the Symbol. The Text-Modifier are positioned around the Base Symbol in the position defined by the military standards.
The toolbar contains all the Non-Text Modifiers.

Military Symbol Editor in www.map.army

Draw Military Symbol

Select a Symbol to place or move it on the map. The function to edit a symbol are found in the bottom center part of the App. This includes the functions for add, move or delete reference points.
Check the short keys of the functions to become even faster in the edit of military symbols. The short keys for the symbol edit functions are found in the hint text of the buttons.

Place a military Symbol onto to Map

Map Settings in Military Map App

Map Settings

Open the "Map Settings" section in the main menu to change map style, the brightness of the map or the to change the units for distances from meters to miles.

Map Settings in Military Map App


In the 'Options' section you can choose the Symbol Set to work with. Military Map starts with the MIL-STD-2525 Symbol Set by default.
In addition, the application language can be selected.

The ‘Symbol Format’ area is used to adjust the format options of the Military Symbols. This includes parameters as ‘Line Width’ or the ‘Label Distribution’....
All changes to the default format can be stored to your session by using the save function in the bottom right of the 'Options' section.

Military Symbology Options in www.map.army

Questions & Answers

The Web Application 'Military Map' is developed in Angular and bases on the the following WebServices:
1. MSS WebService by gs-soft AG for the search, rendering, manipulation, … of the Military Symbology. This includes the generation of 1-Point Symbols as Units, Equipment or Installations as well as the rendering of N-Point Symbols as Lines, Corridors, Areas, … More Information on MSS
2. GoogleMapAPI to provide the maps and satalite images.
For the GIS functionalities the Web Application 'Military Map' bases on the OpenLayers copmonent.
In 'International' Work Mode the 'Military Map' renders the Military Symbols according to MIL-STD-2525C Symbols. The complete standard is covered by the App. In 'Extended' Work Mode the 'Military Map' bases on the MIL-STD-2525C and additional country specific extension as Regl 52.003.
The online use of the Web Application 'Military Map' is free.
Contact us if you require to run the App on a closed Military System.
The Products 'Military Map' and 'MSS Web Service' are developed by gs-soft AG. All rights for the Applications and Services belong to gs-soft AG.

The Military Symbol Services products can be Licensed under NDA.

Visit and join our Forum to ask your questions and to follow the latest developement of the App.


What is next?

Planed steps for MilitaryMap

We have great plans for the next versions of 'Military Map'. Do not hesitate to contact us via our Forum to post your ideas or feedback.


Set transparency of Military Symbols

The transparency of a military map overlay can be set. This shall improve the readability of the military map depending on your use case.



Military Map supports English, German, French and Italian

Language support has been added to 'Military Map'. The application as well as our Military Symbol Service (MSS) support the languages:

- English

- German

- French

- Italian (limited)

This includes the entire Application as well as the Names, Abbreviations and Alias Description of Military Symbols. The language of the Web Application can be changed in the Options section.