Hey there! You’re looking at the official documentation of the Web Application to plan military exercises and missions.

Start of App

In order to get started, navigate to [] or click the blue 'Start App' button in the top right corner of this page.

Main Window

After a very short loading periode the Main Winodw of the Web Application is started:

Main Window of Military Map Generator [] on first start

Functions in Main Window

The following major functions can be accessed in the main window of the Military Map Generator:

Icon Function Description
Button to open the MilX Layer Menu (Menu of Military Map Overlays)
Map Overlays Menu to load, edit and save the Military Map overlays (MilX Layers, Vector or Image Overlays)
Button to print or export Military Maps generated in
Print the map or Export to PDF Function to export the generated Military Map as PDF or to print.
Button to edit the Options/Settings of the Military Map Generator
Options Menu to set the Map Options, Symbol Format Options as well as the general Options for the Web Application.
Button to add new Military Symbol (MSS Symbol)
Add new MSS Symbol Function to search for the Base Symbol using the Symbol Gallery or the advance Symbol Search.
Military Symbology Editor in
MSS Symbol Editor Editor to add Modifiers and Attributes to the base symbol.
Button to view and edit the reference coordinates of Military Symbol
View and Edit graphic's coordinate Editor to view and change the reference coordinates of a Military Symbol or tactical Graphic.
Button to switch to 3D read-only map view
Switch to 3D Map view Shows map in Military Map Generator in 3D read-only view.
Button to switch to 2D map view
Switch to 2D Map view Shows map in Military Map Generator in 2D edit mode.
Info and Message Center in Military Map Generator
Message and Info Center Area displaying important messages and links to additional information on the Web Application.
Button to run Military Map Generator in fullscreen mode (F11)
Full Screen Mode Button to run the Military Map Generator in full screen.

Run App in Full Screen Mode

Press 'Full Screen - Button' or F11 to run the web application in full screen mode:

Use the Military Map Generator [] in full screen

Full screen mode can be applied in 2D and in 3D map view. Press 'Full Screen - Button' or F11 again to exit full screen mode.