Symbol Gallery

All available military symbols are present in the gallery. From there they can be selected and placed on the map.


Button to open the MilX Layer Menu (Menu of Military Map Overlays) Clicking on this button opens the symbol gallery.

Areas and groups

All basic symbols are stored in areas and subgroups under the ‘Symbol Gallery’ tab. These areas are available:

My FavoritesEach marked symbol can be added to the favorites with the right mouse button
Formations1-point symbols that define formations
Equipment and Installations1-point symbols for vehicles, weapons and facilities
Tactical GraphicsMultipoint symbols for tactical representations
Funktion-Specific Symbols1- and multi-point symbols for special functions (emergency, peacekeeping, etc.)
Metoc1- and multi-point symbols for the display of weather information
Gallery for the selection of basic symbols

Within each area, the icons are divided into groups to make them easier to find. If a symbol is highlighted, it can be placed on the map with one click.

Search Symbols

Under the tab ‘MSS Symbol Search’ you can search for symbols with a specific designation. The designations correspond to the definition in the military standard (e.g. MIL-STD-2525).

Find base symbols in the gallery

The search results are listed and you can select a basic symbol by clicking on it. If a symbol is highlighted, it can be placed on the map with one click.